Informal G10 Gathering

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Bali, 04.12.2013 – Ministers and High Officials of the G10 met today at the margins of the ninth WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali in order to assess the current state of play of WTO negotiations and to discuss their priorities in post Bali negotiations.

The G10 emphasized the benefits of a well-functioning rules-based multilateral trading system and the role of the WTO therein. A successful outcome at the ninth WTO Ministerial Conference (MC9) would help to increase those benefits and would be an important basis to further strengthen the multilateral trading system. G10 Members contributed to the results achieved so far by their constructive engagement.

The G10 called upon all WTO Members to increase their efforts to resolve the remaining issues in view of a successful outcome at the MC9. They reassured the Director General of the WTO of their fullest support for his efforts to find convergence between Members.

The G10 voiced its support for improved transparency as an essential element in the MC9 outcome on agriculture. It acknowledged that the increased transparency would contribute to a better understanding of global trading conditions. In this regard, it underlined the importance of further improving transparency within the WTO. In particular, more work is needed in the area of export restrictions.

The G10 reiterated its commitment to a successful and balanced conclusion of the remaining issues of the Doha Round. It showed its continued readiness for a constructive and proactive engagement in trying to achieve a reasonable balance in agriculture between the interests and concerns of net exporting and net importing Members of agricultural products.

The G10 reaffirmed that the multilateral trading system has a role to play in the areas of food security as well as non-trade concerns, and in continuing to ensure the co-existence of various types of agriculture.

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